1. How long will it take to receive my order? 

All of our orders are processed within two days. We like supporting USPS so we use those good ol' folks. Usually it will arrive to your door 1-4 business days. Unless it's a preorder

2. How do I exchange/refund my order? 

EVERYTHING IS FINAL! I'm just a college kid. but if you have concerns please email me at Kabraclothing@outlook.com

 3. How will my order be delivered? 

Kabra loves being American we use USPS.

4. How can I get sponsored? 

This is a tricky subject for us. If you are serious and can help Kabra expand email us at Kabraclothing@outlook.com. Walking around school/city/work doesn't count. I do that ;)

5. Kabra?! If I show you my tits do I get a tee?

Hmmmm! Here's the thing we want some rad selfies not something everyone can see on tumblr. Ladies who best represent Kabra some shape or form can get that Kabra Swag. Email those N00Dz at Kabraclothing@outlook.com

6. Do you love me?

Duh! or else we wouldn't be making this rad stuff for you